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1 Isagani Banta commented Permalink

Audio and Video stream doesn't work in my deployment. All features are working inside my network but audio and video is not working outside my network.

My config below:
Each server has 2 NIC - one for public and other for private.
2 servers deployment:
First Server - Sametime Application Installed
Standard Server
Second Server - Sametime Application Installed
Meeting Server
Media Server
Proxy Server
Here below are the error upon connecting to my sametime community outside my network using sametime connect client.
Your Sametime Computer Audio/Video is temporarily unavailable. You will be unable to make audio/video calls. Log out and log back in to resume use of audio/video.
Hope you could shed light to my query.

2 sabine chenet commented Permalink

Didi you install the TURN server for the Media Server ?

3 Isagani Banta commented Permalink

Hi Sabine,

Thanks for your reply. My problem is solved by enabling the NAT Traversal on stavconfig (DMprofile and PNProfile)file in media manager.

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