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1 Sriram Thiagarajan commented Permalink

Will Sametime Communicate include group chat in Instant Messaging? Or should I wait till 18th to hear on this? :-)

2 Lars Olufsen commented Permalink

Please tell me this is a 5-minute 1:1 upgrade from 8.5.2?

3 John Del Pizzo commented Permalink

I think we can answer that one, Sriram. :-) Yes, Communicate includes both regular group chat (multi-way, ad-hoc chat) and Persistent Group Chat rooms (where the content is stored on the server and is available for review at any time.) The latter used to be part of Sametime Advanced.

4 Jochen Mueller commented Permalink

we'd like to integrate ST Chat/Awareness into another browser-based applicaton, which license should we go for, Communicate or Conference?

5 Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg commented Permalink

Does "We include mobile, browser and rich clients along with all the API's and 3rd party plugins to integrate your existing services into Sametime or put Sametime services where your users work every day." mean that you are going to allow ISV's and developers to incorporate Sametime presence in applications if the user is "only" licensed to Sametime Communicate (guessing that Sametime Communicate is now the entry point just like Sametime Entry is today)?

This would be really killer.

6 John Del Pizzo commented Permalink

@Jochen You would use Sametime Communicate.

7 John Del Pizzo commented Permalink

@Mikkel We will continue to provide an entitlement to simple presence and instant messaging in a range of other IBM offerings. So, no, we are not replacing that basic entitlement with Communicate. Unless the license terms of the host offering state otherwise, to build applications that leverage Sametime requires a Sametime license.

8 Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg commented Permalink

Bummer. That's really a shame. The lack of entitlement to the API's are a *REAL* drawback to the IBM presence strategy. Being an ISV I can tell you that trying to explain to customers why they may not use simple presence in other apps is really hard and is often not a pleasant conversation. Even if they run inside the Notes client. How's that for social business...

9 Pierre Passin commented Permalink

For Lars, no it is not a simple upgrade. From the Beta2 we are running, there are brand new components that are not running on Windows. Meeting and Proxy are still running on WAS, but MCU and DMA are OEMed.

10 Peter Roest commented Permalink

Will there also be a 64 bits community server?

11 Marlon Machado commented Permalink

@Peter: The Community Server runs on Domino 9.0 64-Bit in 32-Bit mode. We have no plans to port the current implementation of the community server to 64 Bits. We're looking into replacing it with a more modern implementation in the future.

12 Mario Krassnitzer commented Permalink

When will this product be available for CEO communication bundle customers ? It's the 7th of October - my PAO account shows 8.5.2 as highest version available for customers like me :-(

13 John Del Pizzo commented Permalink

@Mario - If I remember correctly, the CEO Communications Bundle only included the free Sametime entitlement that's part of Notes, not a Sametime Standard or Advanced license. Therefore, you'll see Sametime 9.0 code when Notes / the CEO Comms bundle is updated. Realize, however, that there will be little to no functional difference in the limited Sametime entitlement. You won't lose anything... but any new capabilities require you to upgrade to Sametime Communicate, Conference or Complete.

14 Stuart Hickson commented Permalink

We currently run a mixture of Sametime Advanced and Sametime limited use version users, using policies to restrict functionality for those who are just entitled to basic chat via Notes. We are also only running the Domino meeting server, although this wil change now that 9 has shipped. Will there be a limited use version of the Community Server? If not, will policies and Domino groups still be able to be used to restrict the limited use users to just using the integrated chat client with the limited feature set? I haven't seen mention of limited use in any of the posts about ST9.

15 John Del Pizzo commented Permalink

@Stuart The limited use Community Server based on Domino continues under the new model. Since that capability is provided as part of a Notes, Portal, an Industry Solution or other IBM offer, we did not include it in the description of Sametime 9. However, I believe William did address how our new packaging impacts the limited use entitlement in his blogs on this site (hint: there's no change).

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