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1 Richard Wessels commented Permalink

There's a problem with the new iOS and Android clients. They don't work with a Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1 proxy server as indicated. If you try to connect using the new Android client, it just never connects. If you connect with the new iOS client, it at least connects, but then the client crashes the moment you try to do anything with the contacts. The old iOS client still works fine, but you can not go back to it if you upgrade from either the Google play store or the Apple App Store.

Very saddened by this as I wanted to give you big props for the mobile clients.

2 Marlon Machado commented Permalink

The new mobile apps do work with Sametime 8.5.2 IFR 1. We tested them extensively and we're pretty sure they work. The only features that do not work with Sametime 8.5.2 IFR 1 are audio, video and the soft phone. You need a full-fledged Sametime 9 infrastructure if you want to use those features. We made very clear on the apps' description on both app stores.

3 Richard Wessels commented Permalink

I appreciate your position, but please go and look at the feedback on both app stores. I, as well as others, have submitted multiple crash reports as well.

This is not an imaginary issue or I would not have commented here.

4 Ben Williams commented Permalink

Some of my users reported problems (mainly iOS). I had to patch the STProxy ( with hotfix AGRE-9C3JNK and afterwards they didn't seem to have a problem. It could have been the hotfix or the restart of the JVM?

5 Richard Wessels commented Permalink

Allow me the opportunity to give credit where credit is due. With the release of the 9.0.1 client for iOS, it now seems to be working as intended. I very much like the UI of the iOS version over the Android version. Also, the Android version still shows an issue where it will refuse to connect and in the logs, it is showing that the connection is timing out. However, using the iOS client to the same Proxy server, it connects right away.

Thank you for getting the iOS client fixed so quickly. It is most appreciated.

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