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1 Kevin Morgan commented Permalink

I have a Plantronics Calistro Pro and trying to enable with IBM Unified Messaging. I've been searching for the Plantronics Sametime Plug-in to install in ST 8.02 embedded in LN 8.5 and also the stand alone 8.02 product. I have executed the Plantronics PLTplugin.exe but have not been successful in searching for new features to install in Sametime. I have also searched in tap, w3 or google in locating the Sametime Plantronics Headset Adapter Feature and coming up empty handed. Can you assist or direct me to the code source so I can manually install?

C:\Program Files\Plantronics\SametimePlugin
I am a beta iNotes tester as an earlier adopter, including using IBM apps on the iPhone (have the 3G and considering an upgrade to 4, but Android is sounding so promising). If you are also involved in the Sametime 8.5 beta for use with the iPhone (or other smartphones), possibly you can share your experiences and propose whether I my iPhone has the capacity to function with ST8.5 (I'm aware it doesn't have the memory to multi-task, so that's a big OS4 drawback).
P.S. I have successfully tested VoiceRite Client with my Plantronics Calistro Pro Series as my bluetooth headset paired to my hand held which is paired to my base that has a 300 foot range and it functions as expected!

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