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1 Yuval Shimoni commented Permalink

What ever happened to non-preferential treatement of ISV's by IBM? Why the endorsment of one vendor over another???

2 Marlon Machado commented Permalink

This posting is part of a series we're calling Business Partner Tuesdays on the Sametime Blog and we do one each Tuesday.

I work with our business partners and I tend to be more familiar with those who take the time to educate me on their solutions. FaceTime did that and that's why I decided to write about their solution. My goal, however, is to highlight all partner solutions, not only a few. The Sametime platform can only be a platform if there is a healthy and thriving partner ecosystem around it.
I don't recognize your name but, if you work for a business partner, I'll be happy to give out an opinion of your solution if you care to enlighten me on it. Feel free to ping me. My email address is first name initial-last name (one word) at US dot IBM dot COM.

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