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Comments (2)

1 LAYER8 commented Permalink

What about dynamic access control lists? If the ACL was populated from a calendar entry, the owner could control access easily. I imagine two ways that could work:
1) The meeting room has a config option that links the room to a person's calendar. The meeting room looks up the owner's calendar and in those times when there is a meeting entry, it'll add the participants to the ACL.
2) The meeting room provides it's own calendar. Meeting invitations are created there and distributed to all participants' calendars.
These dynamic ACL entries should be added to the static ACL or password access.

2 Amy Travis commented Permalink

@LAYER8 - That's a very interesting idea!

Just to be sure I'm following, in the solution you describe, users invited to a meeting next Tuesday at 1pm, say, would not be able to enter the room until that time, but they would be able to enter any time after? Does that match what you're picturing?

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