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1 John Kotch commented Permalink

We here at Ion Objects (www.ionobjects.com) are often presented to an opportunity after others have failed to deliver the goods. We love the challenge and love being the hero when it all starts working. Plus, we have become used to producing miraculous solutions on projects after much of the budget has been blown.
The two most critical factors to our success are (1) integration and (2) simplicity.
Ion (as we are referred to) is fortunate to have our relationship with IBM. We know how important it is to integrate with the up-and-coming technologies IBM introduces to the business world.
Unified Communications is one of the most important ideas to come along in a while. While it is common to see technology in the enterprise that makes sense (especially in a sales demo), it is less common to see technology that impacts the bottom line as quickly and measurably as Unified Communications.
One Ion Objects client is the legal department of a big television entertainment distributor. Lawyers and legal assistants use Ion to track the financial aspects of media license transactions and the nuances of the legal agreements therein. When Marlon called and asked if we would be interested in doing integration with Lotus Sametime, I immediately thought of this client.
Consider this; if time is money, then you want save every second you can in the legal department. The legal department is like Park Place and Boardwalk on your business monopoly board, right?
We are seeing impressive, measurable improvement in both the flow and quantity of transactions, and the quality of the data. Unified Communications makes it easy for people to get answers from the right source at the right time, quickly.
Now, if only this cool communications technology was; simple to set up, simple to learn and use, easy to configure, easy to change, not too expensive, and never failed… Hey that isn’t asking too much is it?
This is where the simplicity Ion Objects shines. We take otherwise complex technologies and turn them into drag-and-drop components in a fully web-based framework that runs on any database, on any operating system, and on any server.
Now that IBM Lotus Sametime is a featured object in Ion Objects, we look forward to getting this important technology out to everyone.

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