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Comments (3)

1 Lisa Duke commented Permalink

An important piece to add - this great community service is provided by Group, an IBM Business Partner, not IBM. Two points - 1) we appreciate Group offering this and 2) your NDA's with IBM do not cover this site, so you may want to use discretion.

2 Jacques Pavlenyi commented Permalink

@Lisa - thanks for the comment. I had indicated in the opening and 2nd paragraphs that this service is being run by Group. Your point that your IBM NDA won't apply is a good one to make, and that any privacy and security policies implemented in this service are Group's.

3 Chris Whisonant commented Permalink

Jacques, as an employee of Group and administrator of the BleedYellow site, thank you for mentioning this!! Also, a note, you can get to the IM service over port 80 as well as 1533.

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