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1 Jebb Dykstra commented Permalink

Jacque -- when you say there is no charge to upgrade to 8.5.1 -- do you mean there is no license fees for upgrading if you have SW maintenance?

The issues to upgrade is with the costs, time/labor, professional services to implement a customer upgrade to 8.5.1? That being said, ST 8.5.1 is worth the investment. It is clearly superior to its prior versions. Meetrix looks forward to helping existing Sametime clients upgrade and "port" to ST 8.5 - whether on premises or in the cloud.
When and where can we see the announcement letter?
Jebb Dykstra, CEO

2 Jacques Pavlenyi commented Permalink

@Jebb: excellent question. Yes, I was referring only to the license fees for existing seats if you have IBM Software Maintenance. The announcement letter is live and linked in the original blog post above (I've fixed the text so it's underlined). And thanks for Meetrix' continued support!

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