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1 Tiffany Winman commented Trackback

Thanks, Ken. Your insight on the framing of discussions around Transportation, Travel, and Asset Management is very helpful. What type of "assets" do these groups usually manage? And what are their biggest challenges today?

2 Terry Ray commented Permalink

Ken - I enjoyed reading your initial Transportation blog and look forward to additional insight. I especially liked the way you segmented the industry, since most industries have many sub-segments and it is good to know which segments IBM focuses on. Additional insight on Transportation and the role of Enterprise Asset Management across many industries (including Transporation) can be found on the IBM Service Management wiki / Enterprise Asset Management site

3 Ron Wallace commented Permalink

Ken - Great Blog - this industry has so many segments and subsegments - it can be confusing - thanks for you insight

4 Mary Gorczynski commented Permalink

Great blog Ken! I think that you will be able to show the similarities between the different segments (Aviation, rail, shipping, trucking, airports, public transit) as well as the unique traits. I can't wait to read/follow your blog on a regular basis.

5 Riki Milton commented Permalink

Nice blog and list. This was extremely helpful and informative for all travellers . Thank you for sharing.
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6 Riki Milton commented Permalink

nice blog. Such informative blogs are always treasure for knowledge. Thank u so much for sharing it.

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7 Riki Milton commented Permalink

Great article Kenneth Donnelly .
Thanks for publishing this , it’s interesting to take a look at the diversity of geographical areas.
The transportation industry is a global industry that meets the need for moving cargo, passengers, and information as efficiently as possible. Ground, sea, air, and space are all used by the transportation industry to get things where they need to go. Numerous multinational companies play some role in this industry, whether they maintain infrastructure, build equipment, or supply personnel. This industry is usually in a steady state of growth except in very poor economic conditions.

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