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1 Tiffany Winman commented Trackback

Thanks for your follow-up on my earlier question. Your response really helps me understand the areas of importance to the Transportation industry. What differentiates IBM in the marketplace here?

2 William Ely commented Permalink

Ken, thanks for the overview...good blog...adding a few thoughts to your definition to transportation and asset classes. As you know, the oil and gas industry also has transportation assets (other than ships and gas tankers). What is interesting, most of the transportation of crude and refined products within this industry occurs via pipelines. The industry does refer to their pipeline assets also as transporatation, and of course these are linear assets! Understanding the industry is key, as you know, but even within the same industry, we can often come across confusion over the same terminology.

3 Ron Wallace commented Permalink

Ken – I like the way to explained the asset classes, and its good to know they are all getting smarter. Often people think of “transportation” in the context of moving passengers or freight to their destination, on time in a cost effective manner. Can you blog about assets that need to be managed like a fleet of trucks, but don’t deliver freight in the traditional sense. Like the equipment used in mining. Thanks

4 Tom Hawkins commented Permalink

Thanks for the overview.

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