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1 Lisa Wells commented Permalink

This is one of the more realistic posts I have read about skills gaps. Here's what caught my eye:
"companies must invest in comprehensive training programs for their... new employees, and make job requirements clearer."
IBM realizes that, and acts upon it, though some other companies do not.

My second job out of school was with IBM. I didn't know anything about storage products then. I did know queuing theory from school, and I had learned to program in the required language at my previous job (and how to use PCs and System z O/S). IBM taught me everything I needed to know about computer hardware and competitive analysis.
Summer jobs, or even a 4-week job during winter vacation, at a real workplace, with deliverables and some compensation, is enormously helpful in preparing students for work after graduation. It seems especially true for security, whether network, internal e.g. data access authorization, or legal e.g. HIPAA compliance. Just reading about it... well, there's no engagement; it feels like going through the motions. In contrast, having responsibilities, or being trained by somebody who does, emphasizes the importance of security. It also transforms what might seem like boring admin work to what it truly is: Important.

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