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1 Diego Esteban Keselman commented Permalink

Really interesting info in this BP's SM Guides, but also IBM's "Business Conduct Guidelines" in http://www.ibm.com/investor/governance/business-conduct-guidelines.wss

2 Faisal Abdul Rahman commented Permalink

The IBM Social Media Guides are great and the authors must be given big pat on the back!

IBM WAKE UP! You are doing all this great stuff but its is not getting outside the US! I teach Social Media Classes in the region - IBM must take a good slice of the market with its great work.
Times have changed - you cant just focus on US and Europe. Take a look at what CISCO is doing in the Middle East:
It for sure came out as the best in the region. Their Twitter account http://twitter.com/ciscosaudi is active and the Facebook fan page has 1000+ fans and they are also engaging with other Saudi technology blogs by sponsoring a contest on www.tech-wd.com .
Shafiq Hamid

3 Diego Esteban Keselman commented Permalink

In fact, not even IBMers from Latin America are using those guidelines...

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