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1 francie tanner commented Permalink

Hi Deb, thanks for this reminder post! Can you tell me how I get to the "Best Performance within a Solution Segment" or "Distinguished Business Achievement / Geography" awards? All I can find is the CTO award web site.

2 Debora Cole commented Permalink

Hi Francie, we've made some changes this year to the awards structure and process. The 2014 ICS Awards have only one self-nominated category this year, and that is for the Best of Show/CTO Award.

As we have done in the past, the Business Achievement/Geo Awards are nominated and selected by IBM, based upon performance factors. New in 2014, the "Best Performance within a Solution Segment" awards will be also selected by IBM.
I appreciate your interest. Please do contact Catherine_Stone@us.ibm.com, if you have any more questions.

3 Marc Garcia commented Permalink

Where can I find the results of this year's awards?

4 Debora Cole commented Permalink

Marc, take a look at the two most recent blogs in the SWG BP Blog. http://ibm.com/blogs/businesspartners

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