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Comments (11)

1 Stuart McIntyre commented Permalink

Great list - wow, such a commitment to communicating Connections 4.0 details to BPs. Terrific.

One minor correction, the link for the Aug 7 webcast should be https://www-304.ibm.com/partnerworld/wps/servlet/ContentHandler/EPT_BAYD-8W4V9D
Thanks again...

2 Debora Cole commented Permalink

Thank you, Stuart! You da' man!

3 Handly Cameron commented Permalink

Stuart is right, but the problem is deeper. Everyone of these that I check has a URL for w3, which the partners can't access. This needs to get fixed quickly as the word is out about the great content that is coming!

4 Debora Cole commented Permalink

Handly, these are not W3 links. These are PartnerWorld links. They do require the viewer to log into PartnerWorld. If there is a w3 link, it was a mistake on my part. I will fix. They should all be PartnerWorld links. I assume all my business partners have their own PartnerWorld ID and password.

5 Debora Cole commented Permalink

P.S. What Stuart's eagle eyes caught (thank you!) is that I pasted the Aug 8 PW event url into the Aug 7 event paragraph above. I fixed that right away.

6 Luis Benitez commented Permalink

Debora, I think the reference to w3 is in the web meeting (that's what one partner told me). So we need to provide a link to the web meeting that is not on w3.

7 Debora Cole commented Permalink

Luiz, thank you for the clarification. I did not realize that a few of the PW event listings are calling out a w3 emeeting. I'll work with the enablement team to get this cleaned up by end of day today. The event listings will refresh by 7 pm EDT US tonight.

8 Debora Cole commented Permalink

I think John Allen moved quickly before heading out on vacation to set up a month of ICS TechTalks. All the TechTalks have a W3 emeeting url. John is back today and will update. It does mean that the PartnerWorld event listing will not update, via agent, until after 5 PM tonight. That usually means by 7 PM EDT US, the records are updated.

Thank you Handly and Luis for bringing this to our attention.

9 Debora Cole commented Permalink

Emeeting URLS are now fixed for all webcasts.

10 loveneets commented Permalink

Great list -
such a commitment to communicating Connections 4.0 details to BPs.

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