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1 Ralph Gammon commented Permalink

Scott: Clearly, some people are more comfortable with paper than electronic documents - despite the numerous advantage of electronic. I remember about 10 years back I attended a "tech day" at a major print vendor, where they were showing all their advanced development. One thing they were showing was electronic paper - which was designed to have the feel of paper but the functionality of a computer screen. I think current tablets are the first generation of this type of technology to hit the market and that viewing is only going to get better. I agree with your assessment that the maturing of the younger generation will continue to drive adoption of electronic transactions over paper, but I think improving viewing experiences and devices will contribute as well.

2 Scott Blau commented Permalink

It's actually just a new turn on an old story: the companies that created multiple choice OMR scanners have always know that their technology works well (at least in the US) as long as the people filling in forms had reached high school age by the early 1960s. That's when scanned, multiple choice tests, like the SATs, started to be widespread.

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