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1 Sameh Zaghloul commented Permalink

Hi Dr. Casimer,

As part of IBM Academic Initiative, we are helping the local Governmental IT Institute (ITI - http://www.iti.gov.eg) in preparing a track for SDN (Software Defined Network) Training.
Using my background as Cloud Computing Architect, I have prepared below draft SDN plan:
SDN Lab prerequisites (to be downloaded on students' PCs/Laptops):
(1) Cloud Test/Dev Environrmnt: OpenStack's DevStack (http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/install-guide/install/apt/content/)
(2) Virtual Test/Dev Network: Open vSwitch (http://openvswitch.org/download/)
(3) Floodlight Open source SDN/OpenFlow controller/plugin for OpenStack: Floodlight (http://www.openflowhub.org/display/floodlightcontroller/Install+Floodlight+and+OpenStack+on+Your+Own+Ubuntu+VM)
(4) OpenDaylight OpenStack Quantum Plugin: (https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/OpenDaylight_OpenStack_Quantum_Plugin:Main)
The tentative plan is weekly sessions (during Jan/Feb 2014) to cover the following:
(1) Cloud OpenStack and DevStack overview and introduction.
(2) SDN and NFV overview and introduction: explaining current Network evolution and new concepts/technology (e.g. OpenFlow, DOVE, ...etc.), by analogy with Cloud/Server virtualization.
(3) SDN Test/Dev environment: Cloud DevStack configuration with both Virtual Networking (using vSwitch) and SDN/OpenFlow FloodLight and DayLight Plugins for DevStack.
(4) Sample SDN/OpenFlow research projects (from Stanford University, eBay Cloud, and OpenFlow Group)
What I need your support in:
- Based on your experience, what modifications you would advise on above draft plan?
- Can you direct me to some ready development resources using OpenDayLight integrated with OpenStack (or DevStack) ... e.g. pre-configured Virtual Images for DevStack, including OpenDayLight plugins?
- What IBM SDN products can we position in this course?

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