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1 Judi Wright commented Permalink

Too bad the tickets do not give you access to Aquatica and I can find anyway to add that park to our tickets.

2 Kristie Stokes commented Permalink

Judi, you might try calling them and asking. This was a package deal they put together. The IBM picnic at Fiesta TX on July 19 includes access to their waterpark. (look under events)

3 Judi Wright commented Permalink

I have another commitment for July 19 so can't do that park. Oh well - it is what it is. Thanks so much Kristie

4 Kathleen Colina commented Permalink

Why are we supporting SeaWorld? Public opinion is shifting inexorably toward the stance that captivity of whales and dolphins is physically damaging to the animals and morally reprehensible.

Instead of drumming up business for SeaWorld we should show our united IBM'er strength and join the rest of the kind hearted protesters who refuse to patronize this cruel business. Please do not entertain your children by taking them to see tortured animals.
Kathleen Colina

5 Kristie Stokes commented Permalink

The IBM Club offers a variety of discounts for a very diverse workforce. We do not encourage or discourage the use of any of them. That decision is left up to each individual employee, we only make them available.

6 Kumar Varadan commented Permalink

I tried the code 258400001 for discount. But it said "Unable to apply discount 258400001"

What is the correct code?

7 Kristie Stokes commented Permalink

I have asked SeaWorld to verify our code.

8 Kristie Stokes commented Permalink

I have updated the link. No code is needed.

9 Leslie Amerson commented Permalink

How do I get the SeaWorld ticket discount? I am not seeing the above mentioned discount when I try to order the tickets on line.

many thanks, Leslie

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