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1 Guillermo Martinez commented Permalink

Can someone tell me what kind of special "substantial" discounts we get with this special IBM page? I can get the exact same by going directly to the SixFlags website!

Am I missing something? and it is the same for SeaWorld.

2 Kat Haverland commented Permalink

There is no discount on season passes. There is a discount on one day tickets, anywhere from 10.-30 dollars depending on the type of one day tickets

3 Rosa Naranjo commented Permalink

I tried this and it is not as good as what you can get from ticketsatwork.com. This is the site that is part of beneplace.com/ibmer which has many IBM discounts for various items. check it out!


4 Jerry Goodman commented Permalink

Will only let me get tickets for IBM day.

5 Kristie Stokes commented Permalink

Use this link sixflags.com/fiestatexas promo code PIP63 Jerry

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