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1 Thomas Stuart commented Permalink

I think that "remote capture" is not the best paradigm for the branch banking solutions I have been involved with.

Small batches, where latency is important, would seem to dictate more of a remote processing model, where batches are scanned, recognized, and verified locally then exported to a central data/image store.
Solutions could involve a single computer, much like we do our demos, at each branch. It could easily be expanded if the loan officers want to scan at their desks and have a clerk do the recognition and data validation at another desk or in another room.
Since everything is on a single computer or within an intranet, security of the system is made simpler than sending the images and data across a WAN or the the Internet multiple times and latency is at a minimum.
I am not sure about the licensing implications, but I believe the best solution would involve doing everything we can at the branch.

2 Patrick Chesnot commented Permalink

Thank you Scott for your insights. I would think that this applies equally to mobile capture use cases in general (including banks deploying mobile devices to achieve what you describe on premises or off premises), where comparatively few, quick snaps per device, but over many devices in the aggregate, will predominate.

3 Scott Blau commented Trackback

Tom's point is a good one - at some point "distributed capture" becomes distributed "processing", where at least the first phase of automation, OCR, etc., takes place at the branch. That eliminates concerns as to network latency, etc. But it introduces the issue of projecting the software and configuration out to the branches. Luckily, most banks have the issue licked.

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