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1 Jeanette Fuccella commented Permalink

Shradha, It was fantastic meeting you last week! I wonder if you might make a recommendation for folks who are planning to attend Pulse 2011 about how they can best leverage Lotus Connections to identify each other before and after the conference... e.g. perhaps via "pulse-2011" tag on their profiles, blog entries, etc...?

2 Shradha Pradhan commented Trackback

It was great meeting with you too Jeanette...that's a good idea..different ways of getting connected...and thanks for recommending the blog-post :)

3 Ruchi Bhatia commented Permalink

Shardha, nice to see you blogging. Enjoyed reading your post. Keep it up. :-)

4 Shradha Pradhan commented Permalink

Thanks Ruchi, it was great meeting you in the Workshop..looking forward to many more interactions with you :-)

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