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1 Donal Daly commented Permalink

I am surprised that you left out what Teradata is doing in your comparison of other vendors? So in the interest of completeness we have partnerships with the leading commercial companies providing support for Hadoop today, HortonWorks and Cloudera. We already provide connectivity between Teradata and Teradata Aster today. Most exciting though is our recent announcement of SQL-H which leverages HCatalog - Aster SQL-H empowers business analysts to directly access vast amounts of data in Hadoop for advanced analytics. With SQL-H, analysts can use common BI and reporting tools which leverage their business knowledge and SQL skills. They can access data in Hadoop directly, easily join it with data as needed in Aster Database, and leverage the analytical power of SQL-MapReduce® and business-ready analytic functions and applications such as click-stream analysis, marketing attribution, and graph analysis.

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