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1 Scott Augustyniak commented Permalink

What about the ability to enter labor entries on mutiple work orders in a hierarchy? We utilize routes to generate work order hierachies and need to add time to each route-stop. Utilizing child work orders requires our technicians to navigate to each work order to add time. Having the route generate task work orders gives us this ability, but co-mingles the tasks from the job plan with the route stop task work orders - also not an ideal situation.

I have been working with Maximo for 12 years and I am a big supporter, but am seeing more requirements to update mutiple records from a single, list-type interface and even v7, as great as it is, requires users to touch each record individually to update in most cases.

2 Samir Idris commented Permalink

we are requested to prevent closing the work order before reporting the actual labor hours for worktyps CM and EM
is there is out of the box function to do such request?

3 Ramesh Gupta commented Permalink

As you rightly said we can have multiple asset for Work Orders.
Is there a way to check all the Assets associated to Work Orders through SQL?
Even the Asset in multi table does not show work orders in Asset >> Work Application.
Only primary Asset display Work Orders in Asset >> Work Application.

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