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1 Mohamed Skandaji commented Permalink

When I initially read about this, I think this only works with Wireless connection.
I would love to see such a product working with a Data plan from a Phone provider...

2 Nitin Bali commented Permalink

Do we have any online documentation available ?. This product sounds interesting..

3 Jack Lok commented Permalink

Do you know when it will be available to Business Partners for demo purposes. I have seen it in action and like to show it to our customers live instead of the videoclip we have now.

4 Victor Varela commented Permalink

Any chance we will be able to access MAXIMO 7 from iPads in the future?

5 Muhamamd Kashif commented Permalink

We would really love to see support for google's Android mobile browser

6 hari nair commented Permalink

The following blog may be of interest


7 war chen commented Permalink

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8 Carla Duval commented Permalink

I believe things would have updated a lot since this was written, but an interesting read for those in business.

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