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For Linux on Power servers

IBM Linux on Power Tools Repository

The IBM Linux on Power Tools Repository (Tools Repository) enables the use of standard Linux package management tools to provide access to the following tools.

Configuration RPM file for YUM repository

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    16 Jul 2018: SLES 15 (LE) support added to repository

The following ibm-power-repo RPM package adds a configuration script to your Linux installation. After being run, your system is configured so that it can download and install packages from the YUM repository. This package is the same for all supported Linux distributions. See the instructions below for using it.

Download configuration RPM file

Installing the ibm-power-repo package (RPM) adds the configuration script to the system. After downloading it, you must install it, running as root user (or with root privilege):

rpm -ivh ibm-power-repo-latest.noarch.rpm

To add the Tools Repository to the package management configuration, run the following command as root user (or with root privilege):


The Licensing Information must be read and agreed upon. After running the configuration script, you can use one of the following methods to install packages from this repository, depending on your version of Linux.

Refer to the Tools Installation Instructions page for specific instructions regarding the installed Linux distribution.

There is a centralized topic for the Service and Productivity Tools.

Supported Linux distributions

The Tools repository supports the following versions of Linux.

Additionally, CentOS and Fedora tools are available as a convenience for users.

Questions or problems

Any questions regarding this package or the repository itself can be posted to the message board on the Linux on Power developerWorks community web site.

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Prerequisite flow

The following chart shows the dependencies and prerequisites among the service and productivity tools for Linux on Power servers.

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