IBM - Service and productivity tools for SLES11 on HMC- or IVM-managed servers and Bladecenters

Service and productivity tools

For Managed SLES11 POWER Linux servers

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The following tools are available for Blades running SLES 11. The Tool name link provides a brief description of the tool. Click the Download link to download the tool package.

[ Last updated 21 Mar 2017 ]


Tool packages must be installed in the order listed in the table.

Open Source packages are now available directly from SUSE. To obtain and install these RPMs, do one of the following:

Licensing information

In addition to the GNU Public License (GPL), each of these packages includes its own licensing information. Please consult the individual tools for their licensing information.

The freeware packages ("Code") provided here are made available as a convenience to IBM customers. IBM does not own the Code, and did not develop or exhaustively test the Code. IBM does not provide support for the Code. These packages are available for download via

Each code package is subject to the terms of the license that is included in the Code package. By downloading a particular package you agree to accept and comply with the license terms that accompany such package.

No Warranty: The Code is provided "As is." To the extent permitted by applicable law, IBM disclaims all warranties either express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of non-infringement, noninterference, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose regarding the code or technical support, if any.

This exclusion also applies to any of IBM's subcontractors, suppliers, or program developers (collectively called "Suppliers"). Limitation of Liability: Neither IBM nor its suppliers are liable for any direct or indirect damages, including without limitation, lost profits, lost savings, or any incidental, special, or other economic consequential damages, even if IBM is informed of their possibility. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you.

Packages table

SLES 11 tools
Package name / Version License Download
Platform Enablement Library / 1.4.1 LGPL librtas
SRC / 3.1.5 ILAN src
RSCT utilities / 3.1.5 ILAN rsct.core.utils
RSCT core / 3.1.5 ILAN rsct.core
ServiceRM / 2.4.0 ILAN devices.chrp.base.ServiceRM
DynamicRM / 1.3.9 ILAN DynamicRM
sqlite Check package. Find on your SUSE installation media.
sg3-utils Check package. Find on your SUSE installation media.
zlib Check package. Find on your SUSE installation media.
iprutils / 2.4.14 CPL iprutils
Hardware Inventory / 1.7.4, 2.2.3 GPL
lsvpd, libvpd2
Service log / 1.1.14, 1.1.12 LGPL
  (prereq for servicelog RPM )
Service Aids / 1.3.2 GPL powerpc-utils
powerpc-utils-python Check package. Find on your SUSE installation media.
Error Log Analysis / 2.6.10 GPL ppc64-diag
Inventory Scout / 3.1.0 ILAN IBMinvscout
Additional packages
IBM Server Consolidation Tool / 5.7, 1.2.3 ILAN ibm-web-user-interface
  (prereq for ibm-server-consolidation-tool RPM)
Performance Management / 3.4.1 ILAN ibmPMLinux
Large Page Analysis / 0 ILAN lpa
ESA agent
SLES11 SP1 and later / 4.1.0
(ESA specific)
nmon / 16f GPL nmon
pSeries Energy

SLES11 SP1 and later / 1.4.0
ILAN pseries-energy
NVMe CLI / 0.7 GPL nvme-cli

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Prerequisite flow

The following chart shows the dependencies and prerequisites among the service and productivity tools for PowerLinux servers.

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