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Software Development Toolkit for PowerLinux

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The IBM Software Development Kit for PowerLinux (SDK) is a free, Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The SDK integrates C/C++ source development with the Advance Toolchain, Post-Link Optimization, and classic Linux performance analysis tools, including Oprofile, Perf and Valgrind.

[ Updated 10 October 2013 ]

Key benefits

The IBM SDK for PowerLinux provides you with:

Software included

The IBM SDK for PowerLinux package includes:

  • IBM Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux Version 6.0 integration
  • IBM Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux Version 7.0 integration
  • IBM SDK for PowerLinux, Version 1.4.0
  • Feedback Directed Program Restructuring (FDPR), Version 5.6.2-3
  • Pthread Monitoring tool for PowerLinux (pthread-mon), Version 0.5.10-1
  • IBM SDK Java Technology Edition Version 6
  • IBM performance simulator for PowerLinux. Provides cycle accurate core timers for the Power series of processors developed by IBM.

New in Version 1.4.0

Updated Eclipse Components

Includes support for Advance Toolchain 7.0

OProfile includes operf support

Valgrind enhancements

Migration Advisor enhancements

CPI Breakdown Tool includes POWER8 technology enablement for CPI (cycles per instruction) breakdown model

Provides a coding assistant that helps with code completion, function templates, and contest-sensitive information for libauxv and libsphde libraries and the altivec API when using the C/C++ editor

Refer to the Release Notes for more detailed information about features of the IBM SDK for PowerLinux.

Supported Linux distributions

The following Linux distributions are currently supported for 64-bit IBM Power Systems.

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