IBM Electronic Support offers a portfolio of online support tools and resources that provides comprehensive technical information to diagnose and resolve problems and maintain your IBM products. IBM has developed many smart online tools and proactive features that can help you prevent problems from occurring in the first place, or quickly and easily troubleshoot problems when they occur. With improved personalization of support resources, you can focus on and be alerted to exactly the information you need for efficient and effective problem prevention and resolution.

IBM Electronic Support addresses five critical areas to ensure you have the best possible support experience:

  1. Simplifying support and creating more consistency across all IBM products.
  2. Delivering intelligent resources and tools that display information focused on the products you use.
  3. Providing proactive capabilities that solve problems before operations are affected.
  4. Thriving collaborative communities that connect to worldwide support networks and knowledge.
  5. Enabling seamless and smooth transition between online and live support teams for quick problem resolution.

IBM Support Portal

The IBM Support Portal is your gateway to technical support tools and information for all IBM systems, software, and services. It brings all the support resources available for IBM hardware and software offerings together in one place.

The IBM Support Portal provides powerful features that make it fast and easy to find the exact information or tool you need.

How does the IBM Support Portal help you?

You get a unified, centralized view for all:

It is an improved experience that:

That's complete, customized support.

What does it mean to you and your business?

It can lower your total cost of ownership for IBM technology by giving you flexibility and choice and making you more efficient in keeping that technology - and your business - running.

Where to start?

Getting started on the IBM Support Portal is easy

  1. Go to the IBM Support Portal.
  2. Select the products of interest
  3. View your page

To access tools requiring registration and contract-related information, follow the sign in link and login using your IBM ID.  If you don't have an IBM ID choose 'Register now' in the signin box.

IBM Service Request

You can use the Service Request Application to open, update, monitor your service requests (also known as Problem Management Records - PMRs) on-line and to report problems on nearly all IBM supported software products. Customers who have support contracts, like Passport Advantage, Accelerated Value, SoftwareXcel, Support Line, Software Maintenance Agreement (SWMA) and Monthly License Charges (MLC), can open service requests via the web 24x7.

With Service Request you can;

IBM Service Request (SR) is available on both the IBM Support Portal and the IBMLink ServiceLink main menus and follows IBM's Technical Support Transformation strategy of moving to one electronic problem reporting portal. The Electronic Technical Response (ETR) application, that SR is replacing, will continue to be available on IBMLink ServiceLink until an evaluation of the transition is completed. For additional help and information on how to use the application, please visit Service Request Assistance.

Forum Support (where available)

Some products, such as IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), provide support for non-critical requests via a support forum, and for critical, Severity 1 requests via the ServiceRequest tool. The Support forum is chaired and monitored by the IBM Support team; however, other forum followers are welcome to share their experience. IBM does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, information provided by other forum followers.