Site Technical Contact (STC) for Passport Advantage

For products where Software Maintenance is acquired through Passport Advantage or other IBM sales channels (this is mostly the middleware on the distributed platforms), Site Technical Contacts (STCs) need to be identified. Each site, including the originating and all additional sites, enrolling in the Passport Advantage (PA) program must designate a Site Technical Contact (STC) responsible for the Software Maintenance offering at that site. More information about the PA Site Enrollment Form can be found on the PA Web site at: This person will be responsible for:

If you did not purchase your IBM middleware through Passport Advantage and do not have a Site Technical Contact or you do not know who your Site Technical Contact is, please fill out and send an SR contact form from .  The SR helpdesk will then assist you with your request.

STC process for adding authorized callers

The Site Technical Contact (STC) is responsible for ensuring that your company's IS support personnel understand how to work with IBM remote technical support.

To take full advantage of the features and benefits of IBM's support services on IBM's Software Support Web site that includes web-based access to personalized features such as My Notifications, entitled content, and IBM's Service Request (SR) tool, you must first register with IBM by going to and selecting "Register" that is located in the top right-hand corner. If you already have an IBM ID and password from another participating web site such as Passport Advantage Online, you can use that same ID and password to log in to the IBM Software Support Web site.

IBM's Service Request tool (ES) is the electronic problem submission tool that you can use to create service requests to report and manage issues you are having while installing or using IBM software. To access SR, all users must 1) be registered with IBM and 2) be on your company's SR Authorized Caller list.

Please note that not all methods of accessing remote technical support are included in all support offerings. The information below applies to SR.

The STC will be added as an Authorized Caller by IBM. The STC will then add Authorized Callers to SR. After the STC is added, they will receive an e-mail Welcome Letter that is specifically designed for their access to SR. The STC is to follow the instructions in the e-mail Welcome Letter. It is important that the STC use the link embedded in the e-mail and follows the instructions contained in the e-mail to ensure that their Authorized Caller record is set up correctly.

After the STC has used the URL in the e-mail Welcome Letter to access SR the first time, they can then access SR directly from the IBM Software Support Web site at, by clicking on the "open service request" tab, then click on "SR" and use their IBM ID and password to log in.

The STC is responsible for creating and managing a list of Secondary Site Technical Contacts (SSTCs) and Authorized Callers who can access SR. SSTCs can add Authorized Callers and submit and create service requests. Authorized Callers can submit and create service requests. To add Authorized Callers, users must have first registered with IBM and give the STC or SSTC their IBM ID. The STC then logs into SR, selects "Relationship administration" from the left side of the page and then selects "Add caller", which is also located on the left side of the page. After a user has been added as an SSTC or Authorized Caller in SR, a welcome e-mail will be sent to the new user with instructions on how to access SR. The new user can then electronically submit and track service requests using SR.  Keep in mind the support hours are the prevailing business hours where the software is licensed, not where the authorized callers are (if they are remotely located).

Users can also electronically request access to SR by using the SR Caller Self-Nomination form, which can be accessed by logging into SR. If you are not a caller on a contract, the form will be displayed. Complete and submit it. If you are already a caller on a contract, and want to be added to another contract, log into SR, select "Relationship administration" from the left side of the page, and then select "Add relationship" and complete and submit the form.

Each time a user requests access to SR using the SR Caller Self-Nomination form, the STC will receive an e-mail notifying them of the request. The STC or SSTC can approve or deny the request by logging into SR, selecting "Relationship administration" from the left side of the page and selecting "Manage nominations", which is also located on the left side of the page. If the user is approved, an e-mail will be sent to the new user containing instructions on how to access SR.

To access additional information on SR:

  1. Go to our Support Web site at, click the "Assistance" tab and then click the "Assistance" tab.
  2. Log into SR then click "Help" or "SR Help" located on the left side of the page.

You can also access SR Help directly at

Note: Adding and updating the Authorized Caller information in SR applies only to SR. You must update Passport Advantage Online ( and choose the Passport Advantage Online tab and then "Customer sign in") for any changes to your Passport Advantage program contacts, including the Site Technical Contact, to apply there.

Enhanced electronic capabilities

The enhanced electronic support features allows IBM to provide customers with "around-the-clock self-service" capabilities. The following chart outlines the electronic support capabilities and their features.

Advanced Search Searching across multiple technical repositories to resolve a problem or answer a question you may have had
Fix Download Download fixes to problems
Electronic Problem Submission Report problems on line if you didn't find what you needed in your search. Establish real-time collaboration between you and our technicians, when appropriate
Personalization Customizable web views of support content based on user preferences
Automatic Language Translation Dynamic web translation of technical content into one of several languages

Note: The above services are not available in all countries or for all products at this time.

Electronic support capabilities are found at url:

For more information on the Software Maintenance Offering - a valuable option in our Passport Advantage program - please visit the Passport Advantage web site and review the tutorial.