Making the transition

Welcome, clients and customers of acquired software companies. We will be working over the coming months to integrate the support for acquired product support organizations into IBM.

With most IBM Software acquisitions, IBM strives to deliver a consistent integration of the acquired company's technology within an IBM product portfolio. However, there is a transition period during which existing client contracts and support delivery may be available to you based on current legacy support contracts, or using existing support infrastructure and contact methods. We would refer you to the ability to select a product in the Support Guide to find the information to give you a starting point on what to expect for support through this transition from your legacy support to the IBM Support portfolio.

To lend continuity to customers of acquired companies, IBM uses a system called Flexible Contract Terms (FCT). FCT allows customers to temporarily continue most support terms negotiated while product was under the Legacy Company's branding. Customers will be provided information on how to move from FCT to the enterprise-hardened IBM support offerings. These IBM offerings carry many benefits our customers have come to expect from IBM branded products. To view the benefits of Passport, please see Support portfolio.