IBM - Standalone Diagnostics CD-ROM

Standalone Diagnostics CD

For POWER based servers

The IBM Standalone Diagnostics CD-ROM provides hardware diagnostics and service-related utilities for POWER, PowerPC, eServer i5 system with common pSeries I/O, and RS/6000-based systems. The preferred method for diagnosing and servicing these systems is to use the concurrent diagnostics and service-related utilities that are installed with the operating system on the system or partition. However, the standalone diagnostics CD-ROM would be used in the following situations when it makes sense to test the hardware independent of the operating system:

  • When there is no operating system installed on a system or partition
  • When the operating system does not have support for the service related function you wish to perform
  • When there may be a problem with the boot device
  • When the service documentation specifically recommends running standalone diagnostics

Updates are released periodically to support new systems and devices.

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