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Top Episode: #57 - How to Notify a Colleague of Something Interesting You Find in Connections

  • Created By  Jim Claussen
  • Updated 2014-06-10T14:06:03-04:00
  • Tags: podcast,  askjim,  enterprise-social,  social-business,  enterprise​-collabora​tion,  socbiz,  ibm-connections 


Welcome to the AskJim Podcast

Providing daily 5min answers to your questions about IBM Connections. This is the only podcast focused on IBM Connections -- the #1 ranked enterprise social collaboration platform.

I'm an IBMer and I'm passionate about enterprise collaboration and social business. I get 'how-to' and 'what do you recommend' questions every day, so my aim here is to try to answer people's questions, but in an open way so that others can also benefit from the information. My goal is to help leaders and teams across medium and enterprise business work smarter, collaborate more effectively, and better harness social business approaches.

Users ask, I do my best to answer, users listen … and the most valuable information rises to the top.

To help more users build knowledge and expertise around IBM Connections, here is a concise guide worksheet for Episode #57 and a mini playlist for Episodes 56-60. If you have a question about IBM Connections, feel free to submit your question here.

If you find this helpful, please share with your teammates and colleagues to help your entire organization build skills and get more business value in using IBM Connections. 


  Check Episode #57 Concise Guide Worksheet



Headphones  36 Week Mini Playlist - Episodes 56-60 


Listen to all Episodes here.  


Learn more information about IBM Connections.    



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