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From Selling To Serving - Listening For Signals of Unmet Needs

  • Created By  Jim Claussen
  • Updated 06/06/2014
  • Tags: twitter,  linkedin,  social-business,  social-selling,  ibm-connections,  podcast,  employee-advocacy 

Episode #6: Listening for Signals of Unmet Needs
Helping sales professionals influence buyers, engage clients and build loyalty in today's digital age of business.
Be smart and intentional about where you focus your effort. 
It doesn't matter how fast you run, if you are running in the wrong direction
In this episode, we cover how to listen for signals of unmet needs across your social platforms to identify opportunities for action, to gain insight into how to better position your solutions, be proactive in how you manage changes to competition behavior and action.


Here, we cover 5 concise action steps you can take, with added tips and recommendations. We lead with the why, provide concise action steps, and learn together with a listener question. 
Invest in your career skills to work with competence and confidence in today's digital business environment. Identify new opportunities; retire quota; retain as-a-service clients; outsmart your competition. This is about realtime listening so that you can be more agile, responsive and targeted in your sales, marketing and business development efforts.
The key question to ask yourself 
What if you are not listening… and your competition is?
Important Links from the Show
Advanced Twitter Search >> https://twitter.com/search-advanced
Hootsuite >> https://hootsuite.com/


 Headphones  36 Listen to Episode #06


Check boxThe Concise Action Worksheet
 SellingToServing Infographic  Episode 6  500


Listener Q A icon Listener Q&A Bonus Tip  

“Thanks for your podcast. I am trying to figure out how I can find and follow people in my company on Twitter to see those conversations. Thanks for your help.”

This week's question comes from Anna.


I have a couple tips I might offer. 


1) In your Twitter dashboard, you can search on #name of your company and save that search. So in my case it would be #IBM. This would allow me to see all shares and conversations other IBMers are having that include IBM in the post. 


2)  You can use the Advanced Twitter Search I mentioned in earlier and search on company name. Twitter then searches all Twitter posts and Twitter profiles for that company name.  I will include a link for this in the show notes.


3)  For the IBMers listening here, you can use IBM Voices, which is a great aggregator of employee posts and shares. I will include the link for this in the show notes. This is a great social practice I might encourage all companies to replicate.




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