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Five Minutes With... Jeff Schick

  • Created By  Colleen Burns
  • Updated 2012-09-05T12:16:58-04:00
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Five Minutes With... Jeff Schick
image By Tyrona Heath, IBM Collaboration Solutions


What is your role at IBM?
Jeff:  I am happy to be celebrating my 25th anniversary at IBM!  My current role is as Vice President of Social Software and I'm excited that my focus is on IBM's collaboration solutions leadership, which spansimage messaging, social communications, social software and office productivity.  Everyone who knows me knows how excited I am to lead such an innovative part of the IBM software organization.  It's my honor to announce the availability of IBM Connections 4, yet another example of the type of innovation that we're releasing -- and further strengthening IBM's leadership in enterprise social software.

Why is the release of IBM Connections 4 so different than previous releases?  
Jeff:  The release of IBM Connections 4 catapults enterprise social software into a more comprehensive realm, creating the core of a true business engagement platform.  This new release goes beyond just social networking to address social analytics, social content, business process, security, governance and life cycle management. Our new release gives leaders across industries the competitive advantage they're seeking, as social technologies continue to drive disruptive change in their industries.  To improve productivity, companies must tap into the collective intelligence inside and outside of their organizations to develop a smarter workforce. The pivot point we are seeing is the integration of Social into key business processes. This is a real competitive differentiation for IBM and for Connections 4. Our social and web capabilities will also further delight clients with exceptional client experiences that engage them on their own terms.

How will IBM Connections 4 help our clients continue their evolution as a social business?
Jeff:  IBM Connections 4 helps clients act with up-to-the-minute in-context views of critical activity in their network. It combines business applications to extend fast action and decisions around project and tasks.  What's really amazing is our new IBM Connections Mail feature.  Now you can access essential mail and calendaring tasks from anywhere in IBM Connections to create one integrated, intuitive collaborative experience.     

Also, with IBM Connections 4, you can stay connected anytime and anywhere with comprehensive mobile support.  Employees can share and discover key ideas and insights across their organization.  What I love most is using IBM Connections 4 on Apple iPad.  Many people on my team also enjoy how well this new release works on their Android tablets and smartphones.   IBM Connections 4 makes it possible to eliminate a lot of guesswork from daily decision making -- you can easily uncover Insights from social analytics to speed processes and make faster and more informed decisions, whilst driving adoption and deepening relationships.     

Finally, IBM Connections 4 offers the choice to deploy securely with cloud -- on premises and hybrid options.

Industry analysts and IBM Business Partners I've spoken to have described IBM Connections as “SOA for the front office.”   We're entering a new wave, where integrating social with core business processes can yield enormous benefits for sales, customer support and service, marketing, development, and more.

What will IBM unveil during the September 13 live broadcast "From Liking to Leading - The success of your business is social"*? image
Jeff:  We have an information packed hour scheduled on September 13, starting at 1:00 PM ET.  IBM and InformationWeek will host From Liking to Leading, with Brian Gillooly, editor-in-chief of InformationWeek sharing his market perspective on business and the value of the social graph.  


We've invited clients and market leaders to share the real business value they're realizing by incorporating social technology into their business processes.  Plus, several of my executive colleagues will discuss how businesses can gain competitive advantages by empowering more employees to be innovators and more clients to be advocates.  People located near Atlanta, Dallas or Toronto, can attend a face-to-face event to view the live simulcast and discuss the topics afterwards with local IBM experts, business partners and business leaders.


You can follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffSchick


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Thomas Rickert
1    Thomas Rickert  | 2012-09-13T06:49:42-04:00   Likes 0

nice progress

Antony Satyadas
2    Antony Satyadas  | 2012-09-11T10:10:47-04:00   Likes 0


Fred Raguillat
3    Fred Raguillat  | 2012-09-10T02:21:29-04:00   Likes 0

Connections 4.0 really rocks! +1

4    BHARTI PATEL  | 2012-09-07T14:14:15-04:00   Likes 0


John Pierre Campitelli
5    John Pierre Campitelli  | 2012-09-06T08:48:01-04:00   Likes 0


Patrick HOPE
6    Patrick HOPE  | 2012-09-06T08:20:54-04:00   Likes 0


Luis Benitez
7    Luis Benitez  | 2012-09-05T14:51:14-04:00   Likes 0

Love it!

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