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Fifth consecutive year: IBM named leader in social software by IDC

  • Created By  Jeff Schick
  • Updated 2014-09-22T12:57:04-04:00
  • Tags: rheinmettal,  connections,  idc,  jeff_schick,  social_software 

Jeff Schick, Vice President, IBM Social Software


I must confess I am having a great day. The immediate reason: for the fifth year in a row, IDC has named IBM the Worldwide Market Share Leader in Social Software. But it got me thinking it’s really market validation for the enduring business value of engagement. Businesses may buy stuff because it’s cool – once. But they keep buying, and recommend others buy it, when it helps them win in the market.


Our IBM Connections clients are undeniable proof that they are empowering employees, customers, and citizens around the world to take control of their own destinies, expand boundaries and connect with expertise across their networks like never before.


The pace of daily life accelerates, and the lines between our personal and professional lives continue to blur. Organizations in all industries are using Connections as the platform to help their employees, partners and even customers find what matters to them, dim the noise, and just get their work done. These IBM clients continue to amaze me in the ways they are using IBM social business capabilities to empower people, inspire innovation anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Clients collaborate openly while minimizing risk. And leap over their competition in the process.  


Clients like Rheinmettal, who use Connections social business software to innovate by empowering their 19,000 employees across the globe to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients, save time, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty:


It’s been great to see IBM continue to invest in its Social Business capabilities over the past few years, which has helped us continue to innovate in how we empower employees and deliver exceptional experiences to our clients.” Markus Bentele, Chief Information Officer, Rheinmettal AG


We’re definitely not resting on our laurels. We will continue to invest and enhance IBM social business software, and out innovate our competitors in order to make it easier for you to get work done. To learn more about some of the exciting new capabilities we are bringing to you this year, please join me for our May 21st launch Collaborate or be Left Behind: Leading in the Digital Frontier.  You will hear firsthand from IBM customers who have built business success through their social business transformation, and how IBM technology and leadership are bringing people back to the center of business.


My team was so excited, they even prepared a video preview for you.





Comments (4)

Felix Binsack
1    Felix Binsack  | 2014-06-21T18:17:52-04:00   Likes 0

Congratulation !!

Grit Eick
2    Grit Eick  | 2014-05-21T12:03:29-04:00   Likes 0

Awesome !
I cannot wait to see more Apple MAC support (desktop integration) and SmartCloud activities available on iPad - hope its on the roadmap to arrive soon. Dealmaker for agency business...

Ellen Johnson
3    Ellen Johnson  | 2014-05-14T13:54:38-04:00   Likes 0

Good new on where we are heading, but have to admit the video is super entertaining AND enlightening.

Luis Benitez
4    Luis Benitez  | 04/24/2014   Likes 0

That video is great :)

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