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Superior Group Connects Employees

  • Created By  Daniel Davis
  • Updated 2014-06-05T11:46:54-04:00
  • Tags: employees,  connections,  sametime,  collaboration,  smarter_workforce,  superior_group 

There are few things as potentially detrimental to a company as disconnected employees. When workers are out of synch or out of touch, the whole organization suffers from lost productivity, efficiency and innovation, not to mention low morale and most likely retention problems.

 So when a strategic review at professional services firm Superior Group revealed that employees felt disconnected from headquarters, regional offices and other employees, executives knew they had to address the roots of the problem: an intranet that had outlived its usefulness, and a lack of effective communications tools.

IBM Connections and IBM Sametime fit the bill perfectly. Superior Group was drawn to Connections’ easy-to-use social, mobile and file-sharing capabilities, and to Sametime’s powerful instant messaging with easy customization and management. Together the social business solutions empowered employees to communicate, collaborate and network from any location at any time.

Since the company implemented the software, it has reported improved employee engagement, as well as increased productivity thanks to social tools such as file sharing, communities, blogs and wikis. Fewer emails make data easier to manage, while grassroots collaboration in communities has already had an impact on business processes like new-hire training. These benefits and more are helping Superior Group achieve innovative leadership in workforce solutions.

Click here to read more. Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIwZ0ZbSwnA to see the video.


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Michael Monday
1    Michael Monday  | 2014-06-10T09:56:00-04:00   Likes 1

To learn more, listen to Tom DeClerk, Superior Group 1pm EST today talk about their Experience http://bit.ly/1o3vouX

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