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Announcing the IBM Social Business Summer Reading Club

  • Created By  Tariq Ahmad
  • Updated 2014-06-04T11:43:56-04:00
  • Tags: susan_emerick,  socbiz,  employee,  ibm_social​_business_​summer_rea​ding_book_​club,  the_most_p​owerful_br​and_on_ear​th,  book,  employee_engagement,  reading 

Keeping up to date with the latest social business trends is a necessity for competitive organizations. But with the floods of information out there in the world, we know this is often easier said than done. That’s why we’re starting the IBM Social Business Summer Reading Club—a summer series that will feature today’s best books on all things social business.

While you read along with us, we’ll be recapping the books, presenting highlights and asking you hard-hitting questions about the content on Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, share your thoughts with us anytime on Twitter (@IBMSocialBiz) by using #SocBizChat and participate in our monthly tweet chat with the author(s) the second Thursday of each month at 1 PM ET.

This week’s book is The Most Powerful Brand on Earth by social business pioneers Chris Boudreaux and Susan Emerick. Drawing on their experience leading social media transformations here at IBM and at other top companies, the book presents easy-to-read frameworks and case studies from today’s key innovators.

Boudreaux and Emerick help the reader through every step of the transformation, both cultural and operational, with expertise and ease. They demonstrate how to manage changes and, most importantly, how to succeed, while exploring a range of topics, from empowering your employees, building influence and measurement, to the future of a social workforce, and more.

But this book isn’t just talk. With helpful next steps at the end of every chapter, it takes theory and makes it actionable, enabling you and your employees to become effective communicators. Ultimately, the book shows that individuals can be the most important driving force behind a powerful brand. 

What did you think of The Most Powerful Brand on Earth? Join us on the IBM Social Business LinkedIn Community to share your thoughts and discuss this book with others.  Also, don’t miss your chance to chat with the author next week, Thursday, June 12, at 1 PM ET on Twitter using #SocBizChat.

Comments (2)

Tariq Ahmad
1    Tariq Ahmad  | 2014-06-06T12:25:56-04:00   Likes 0

Thank you Alesa. Lot of good work done by the Social Business team. Thank you for your efforts to promote and contribute to the conversation!

Alesa Grant
2    Alesa Grant  | 2014-06-05T14:25:26-04:00   Likes 0

Tariq, this is a BRILLIANT idea. I love this and am happy to promote.

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