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#20Questions with Brian Williams  

Meet Brian, wild duck, data enthusiast, avid traveler (from the beach to snow-capped mountains), incredible mentor (and mentee!), and lifelong learner. He is a true believer that you can teach elep Read more..

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#20Questions with Brian Williams  

Samantha Klein July 30, 2014

Meet Brian, wild duck, data enthusiast, avid traveler (from the beach to snow-capped mountains), incredible mentor (and mentee!), and lifelong learner. He is a true believer that you can teach elep Read more..


Video for Healthcare: Accelerating Learning and Expanding the Reach of Care  

Rebecca Cavagnari August 1, 2014

Rebecca Cavagnari, VP of Marketing, Qumu Social Business is an exciting new paradigm for many businesses; for others, it’s been there all along. Take healthcare, for example. Healthcare organiz Read more..


Imagine if you could predict the future and make sense of big data  

Mark Fidelman July 29, 2014

Imagine if you could take all the data that’s available to you about your customers, potential customers –the entire market – and unlock all the insights these data have to offer about what they wa Read more..


Social Business Experts Dish on Reimagining Big Data #TEDatIBM  

Amy Tennison July 28, 2014

Inspired by our upcoming TED@IBM event on September 23, experts Andrew Grill (Global Social Business Partner at IBM. Former Kred CEO) and Mark Fidelman (CEO of Raynforest, Forbes Columnist & Author Read more..


#20Questions with Rebecca Wissinger  

Samantha Klein July 23, 2014

IBM puts B2B aside for a second to focus on something a little more important: YOU. Join us in our weekly #20Questions (OK, not exactly 20, but we liked the name!) as we zero in on the most importa Read more..


The Measurable Success of Social Business  

Michelle Tuttle July 24, 2014

Social Business is no longer considered a passing fad or simply hype. As the industry has matured the concept of gaining value through improved communication and collaboration has become much more Read more..


Exceptional customer experiences in a new era of big data and collaboration  

Andrew Grill July 24, 2014

Customer experience design is a blend of everything that affects a person’s emotional experience with a service or product. But it’s not as simple as following the numbers. Creating exceptional cus Read more..


Evolve your social business by putting people at the center  

Cynthya Peranandam July 21, 2014

Cynthya Peranandam, Sr. Marketing Manager, Social Business Solutions Strategy We’re all using social technology to some extent. In fact, long before social media took hold, collaboration was an i Read more..

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IBM Connect and Lotusphere Livestream schedule  

Joyce Davis August 28, 2013

Lotusphere Sessions? Want to hear several speakers talk about the latest and leading technology without running from session to session? No worries, we have you covered! Watch Lotusphere and Connect Read more..


Are you less productive when working from home?  

Colleen Burns June 11, 2013

Are you less productive when working from home? By Martin Keen, IBM Redbooks Project Leader@MartinRTP Yahoo has been in the news recently after the company outlawed working from home, citi Read more..


How gamification can make you do almost anything  

Colleen Burns February 18, 2014

How gamification can make you do almost anything By Martin Keen, IBM Redbooks Project Leader On weekends, my wife used to be a fan of sleeping in late and spending her afternoons watching m Read more..


2013 IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions  

Joyce Davis April 18, 2013

2013 IBM Champion Announcement By Joyce DavisIBM Collaboration Solutions Community Manager@jadintx Last year we launched the IBM Champion program for IBM Collaboration Solutions. This program rec Read more..


Five Minutes With... Jeff Schick  

Colleen Burns April 12, 2013

Five Minutes With... Jeff Schick By Tyrona Heath, IBM Collaboration Solutions@Tyrona What is your role at IBM? Jeff: I am happy to be celebrating my 25th anniversary at IBM! My current rol Read more..


Fifth consecutive year: IBM named leader in social software by IDC  

Jeff Schick June 21, 2014

Jeff Schick, Vice President, IBM Social Software I must confess I am having a great day. The immediate reason: for the fifth year in a row, IDC has named IBM the Worldwide Market Share Leader Read more..


IBM: Changing with the crimes  

Samantha Klein April 27, 2014

Samantha Klein, Marketing Manager, Social Business, IBM To all readers of this post: My trip to Manila, Philippines with my family has been a mess. I need you to loan me some money. I'll refu Read more..

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