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Invitation: IBM Community Webcast - Forms Experience Builder 8.5

  • Created By  Joyce Davis
  • Updated 2013-06-05T22:15:55-04:00
  • Tags: ibmexperience,  community,  webexperience,  event,  feb,  forms-expe​rience-bui​lder,  webcast,  ibmforms 

imageBy Joyce Davis
IBM Collaboration Solutions community manager


As I've mentioned on Twitter, lately hardly a day goes by without me creating an online survey or other information gathering form using IBM Forms Experience Builder. It's incredibly easy to use and speeds data collection and analysis. I especially like that it's FUN to use! I'm pleased to announce that our June 25th community webcast will not only include demos of this incredibly useful software, but also we'll once again have a customer share with us how he is using the technology to improve the care that his hospital provides to their patients. Be sure to join us to learn, have fun and be inspired. The webcast is free but requires registration using the link below.


Register for the webcast: https://events.na.collabserv.com/register.php?id=c0f2452360&l=en-US

Date: June 25, 2013  

imageTime: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (ET)


  • Community news
  • Community member spotlight: Fredrik Norling, QNova Systems AB, IBM Champion
  • Special Topic: Forms Experience Builder 8.5
    Speakers: Martin Lechleider, IBM; PJ Knight, Children's Medical Center of Dallas

Presentation abstract: In this webcast you will hear how the new IBM Forms Experience Builder (FEB) can be used to develop web forms as part of an overall web experience. You will also hear how Children's Medical Center Dallas, the seventh largest pediatric healthcare provider in the nation, improved their disease management approach by using IBM Forms Experience Builder to create personalized electronic forms for patients to use for common healthcare documentation like diet logs, journals and even healthcare pre-questionnaires. Whether it’s for gaining customer feedback, increasing enrollments, or even generating new business, FEB can add the experience that will help your site succeed. With nothing more than a browser, non-technical users can create highly functional web applications that can be used standalone, with IBM WebSphere Portal or with IBM Connections.

About the speakers:

Martin Lechleider
Marty Lechleider is the Product Manager for IBM Forms. In this role, Marty works with customers, business partners, and sellers worldwide to understand market requirements and shape product plans and strategy. Marty also focuses on the IBM WebSphere Portal and SAP integration. He has been with IBM since 1987, and part of the IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Forms Product Management team for the last seven years.


PJ Knight

PJ Knight has served as Senior Enterprise Application Analyst at Children’s Medical Center Dallas for just under two years. In that time, he has taken a lead role in forms creation for the Children’s Online Experience as well as other departments within Children's Medical Center Dallas.




Web conference details will be sent upon registration. For those who wish to dial in over the phone, global access numbers will be sent in a separate email just prior to the meeting.


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Comments (1)

Jared Bengtson
1    Jared Bengtson  | 2013-06-18T14:01:51-04:00   Likes 0

Forms are the best -- make life so much easier!! Looking forward to this webcast series!!

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