WebSphere Operational Decision Management V7.5.0.3 Fix Pack

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This cumulative fix pack updates WebSphere Operational Decision Management V7.5, V7.5.0.1, and V7.5.0.2 to V7.5.0.3.

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This cumulative fix pack updates WebSphere Operational Decision Management V7.5, V7.5.0.1, and V7.5.0.2 to V7.5.0.3.

This fix pack is entitled. Only customers who have purchased WebSphere Operational Decision Management V7.5 can use this fix pack.

How to install the fix pack
These instructions are for the Decision Center and Decision Server components. If you are updating only one of these components, apply these instructions to that component only.

  1. Unzip the files wodm_decision_center. and wodm_decision_server.
  2. Launch IBM Installation Manager.
  3. In the toolbar menu, open File > Preferences and do the following:
    1. Select repositories.
    2. Click add Repository ...
    3. Browse to the unzipped folder WDC.im15.\model\updates.
    4. Select the file repository.config.
    5. Click add Repository ...
    6. Browse to the unzipped folder WDS.im15.\model\updates.
    7. Select the file repository.config.
    8. Make sure both repositories are checked in the repository list Apply, and click OK to close.
  4. Click Update to update your installation.
  5. Follow the instructions in the installer to complete the update.

Extracting TAR files with WinZip
The product is distributed as TAR files. You must extract the update files to a directory to install them.

Before extracting the files with WinZip, deselect the TAR file smart CR/LF conversion property:
  1. Open WinZip Classic.
  2. Select Options > Configuration > Miscellaneous tab.
  3. Clear the TAR file smart CR/LF conversion check box.
You can now extract the files without WinZip converting them.

To avoid installation problems, extract all the TAR files to the same folder at the root of your hard drive, for example, C:\WODM7503.


WebSphere Operational Decision Management V7.5

Decision Center Language Independent 4000000000
Decision Server Language Independent 4000000000

Technical support

Contact 1-800-IBM-SERV (U.S. only) or visit the WebSphere Operational Decision Management support site: http://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/Software/WebSphere/WebSphere_Operational_Decision_Management.

Problems (APARS) fixed
IV29270, IV31288, RS00979, RS01004, RS01011, RS01015, RS01016, RS01018, RS01021, RS01022, RS01023, RS01027, RS01028, RS01029, RS01030, RS01031, RS01037, RS01039, RS01042, RS01044, RS01052, RS01054, RS01055, RS01056, RS01057, RS01058, RS01062, RS01066, RS01067, RS01069, RS01072, RS01075, RS01088, RS01089, RS01090, RS01092, RS01094, RS01096, RS01098, RS01103, RS01104, RS01111, RS01113, RS01114, RS01115, RS01116, RS01124, RS01126, RS01130, RS01137, RS01138, RS01140, RS01141, RS01142, RS01143, RS01144, RS01146, RS01154, RS01161, RS01162, RS01175

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