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Introducing SharePoint 2013 support. Sametime integration with SharePoint 2013 provides user awareness and Sametime actions on SharePoint web-pages. The technote will describe the steps to update the IBM Sametime Connect 9.0 to avail of SharePoint 2013 integration.


Download link: BAFV-9HMHXH IBM Sametime Connect 9.0 hotfix (MS SharePoint 2013 integration)


IBM Sametime Connect 9.0 without Office Integration features


IBM Sametime Connect 9.0 HF with/without Office Integration features.

If uncertain, you may need to check the following file:


Please make sure that at least there are no 8.5.2 versions of;.realtime.collaboration.oi.* features except for Otherwise the hotfix install will fail (see technote 1658061:

- To set up SharePoint 2013 integration, please download one of the following:

IBM Sametime Connect Client 9.0 hotfix (standalone):

IBM Sametime Connect Client 9.0 hotfix (embedded):

IBM Sametime Connect Office Integration only:

- Download SharePoint server scripts:

- Expand the downloaded files into the work directory of your choice

- If you are using one of the IBM Sametime Connect installers (standalone or embedded), uncomment the Office Integration features you are planning to install in \deploy\install.hotfix.xml or \deploy\install.addon.xml files respectively. For Sharepoint integration, please enable

- run Setup.exe

Please note, that if you are using Office Integration only (sametime.oi.win32) installer, you will need to keep updating Office Integration features using the same kind of installer. You will not be able to upgrade Office Integration features using IBM Sametime Connect Client installer (sametime.hotfix.win32) after applying Office Integration installer.

- To set up SharePoint server for integration with IBM Sametime please find the Sametime_SharePoint_Integration_Instructions.doc file in the

- Follow the instructions described in the document

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IBM Sametime Connect SharePoint 2013 integration

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