CARMA: executing CARMA model returns an error "No rules found. Threshold too high?".

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I am working on Market Basket Analysis demo, available in user guide. Instead of GRI, to find out association, I used the CARMA algorithm. But while executing it has given error:

Error: "No rules found. Threshold too high"

Why is this?

Resolving the problem

The error message you're getting indicate that given your settings, no rules are found.

If minimum support or minimum rule confidence is set too high for a particular data set in association rule expert settings tab of the node, no rules will be generated.

Also, CARMA node are Sequence detection; the methodology involves searching for patterns in data that are time ordered. Unlike GRI or APRIOR, search for associations in this methods involves taken into account formally the event sequence. Thus, the baskrule.str stream is meant for this

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