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Unable to open other user's calendar from Group Calendar when mail file Location field is 'Local'

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When a user has his/her Lotus® Domino® mail file set to "Local", the user cannot access another user's calendar information in a Group Calendar without receiving the error message:

    "Unable to open user's mail database".

This issue does not occur if the user trying to open the other user's mail file ALREADY has the icon for the other user's mail file on the Notes workspace.
This issue does not occur if the user's Mail File Location field on the Mail tab of the current Location document set to "on Server" (rather than "Local").
This issue does not occur in Notes/Domino 5.x. In R5.x, the message appears once, but the Calendar can still be accessed without adding the icon to the workspace.


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# YTOA5JP9S5. There are no plans to address the issue.

When in the Group Calendar, the user should select the Print Preview button at the top of the Group Calendar, then select the Preview button in the Print Calendar dialog box that appears. This action adds a database icon for the other user's mail file to the Notes workspace and allow access to the their Calendar.

Steps to reproduce issue:

-Domino 6.x and Notes Client 6.x
-Client location document setting is 'Office(Network)'.
-User A and User B are registered on same home server.
-Using only mail file on server.

Settings of User B:

1. Open User B's mail file.
2. Select Tools > Preferences > Access & Delegation > Access to Your Mail & Calendar tab. Select the 'Add Person or Group' button and select the "Access is for everyone" radio button.
3. Select OK and close the Preferences dialog box.

Steps to reproduce by UserA:

1. Open UserA's mail file.
2. Switch to the Calendar view.
3. Select the action button Tools > View and Create Group Calendars.
4. Select the 'New Group Calendar' button.
5. Create a test Group Calendar containing UserA and UserB.
6. Close the mail file.
7. Open a current Location document and edit it. In the Mail tab change the Mail File Location field from "on Server" to "Local".
8. Open a User A's mail file (not a local replica file).
9. Switch to the Calendar view.
10. Select Tools > View and Create Group Calendars.
11. When UserA opens the group calendar and double-clicks the name of UserB, the error message appears and UserA cannot open the UserB's calendar.

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Modified date: 10 April 2015

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