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PUB: 4610-1NR/2CR/2NR SureMark Printer, Programming Guide

Product documentation


This guide is intended for use by programming personnel who are installing, setting up, or modifying the Toshiba SureMark printer Models 1NR, 2CR and 2NR.


This document is available on request from Techline.

Please note that this manual only covers the 4610-1NR, 4610-2NR and 4610-2CR. These commands may or may not work on previous SureMark printers. See the 4610 SureMark Printer Users Guide appendix for the command set for the 4610-TI3/4/5 and 4610-Tx6 printers. These commands are only available for RS232 attached SureMarks. There is no published API for USB or RS485 attached SureMarks.

Inside this manual, you will find the following topics:

Chapter 1 Introducing the 4610 Models 2CR and 2NR .1
Operating system requirements .1
RS-232 interface .1
4690 OS .2
Hardware requirements .2
Updating the firmware .2

Chapter 2 Communication parameters .3
RS-232 serial parameter .5
RS-232 commands summary by function .5
Alphabetized commands summary .9
System commands .12
Verify previous commands completed .12
Status request .12
Reset printer .12
EC/Request/Real-time status request .13
Extended address command-request printer ID .13
Printer ID format for the 2CR .13
Emulation mode for Model 2CR .15
Preset or onetime-set commands .15
Memory allocation .16
Download double-byte characters .17
Download graphics (logo) commands .19
Predefine messages .21
Download user-defined characters .22
Request checksum of flash memory sector .27
Retrieve checksum of each downloaded logo or each stored message .27
Flash storage write .28
Erase flash sector .28
Microcode tolerance (MCT) information - loading .29
Microcode tolerance (MCT) information - request .29
Setup commands .33
Set print mode .33
Set or cancel double-wide mode .34
Set or cancel double-high mode .34
Set or cancel underline mode .34
Set or cancel overline mode .35
Set or cancel invert mode .35
Set or cancel emphasized printing .35
Select maximum print speed .35
Set or cancel unidirectional printing .36
Set document length for landscape print .36
Request document length for landscape print .37
Set print station .37
Select user-defined or resident character sets .37
Set code page .38
Set intercharacter spacing for single byte character sets .38
Set intercharacter spacing for double byte character sets .38
Set or cancel rotated characters .39
Set print station parameters .39
Select 1/8-inch line spacing .39
Select 1/6-inch line spacing .40
Select color printing .40
Set line spacing using minimum units .41
Set sheet eject length .41
Set horizontal tab positions .42
Set left margin position .42
Set right margin position .43
Set relative position .43
Set low paper calibration .44
Align positions .44
Set error recovery function .45
Define document wait time .45
Status sent to system .46
Select character for reprinted lines .46
Re-initialize the printer .46
Enable or disable the feed buttons .47
Enable or disable upside-down printing .47
Select character size for scalable fonts .48
Fix font matrix .49
Print logo inline .49
Select thermal paper .50
Bar code commands .50
Print bar code .50
Select horizontal size of bar code .55
Select bar code height .55
Select printing position of human readable information (HRI) .55
Select font for HRI .56
Print PDF417 bar code .56
Select PDF417 ECC (error correction codewords) level .57
Select aspect ratio PDF417 bar code .57
Enable PDF417 truncation .58
Print character commands .58
Print and line feed .58
Print and line feed .58
Print, form feed, and cut the paper (FF) .58
Print and feed paper n lines .59
Print and feed paper using minimum units .59
Print graphic messages .59
Select and print a graphics (logo) command .59
Print predefined graphics (logo) command .61
Print predefined messages .62
Check processing commands .62
MICR read .62
Flip check .64
Miscellaneous commands .64
Horizontal tab .64
Return home (select print head location) .65
Paper cut/DI eject .65
Generate drive pulse for cash drawer .65
Retrieve the flash storage .66
Retrieve size of user flash storage .66
Asynchronous (real-time) commands .66
Real-time requests .66
Data buffer management and batch printing .68
EC level marker command .68
Reset line count .69
Disable line count .69
Hold printing until buffer is released .69
Release print buffer .70

Chapter 3 Page mode printing commands .71
Select page mode .71
Select standard mode .71
Select printable area .71
Select printing direction/position .72
Set vertical position .72
Set relative vertical position .72
Set left margin position (standard mode), set absolute print position (page mode) .73
Set relative horizontal position .73
Set printing position .74
Print, form feed and cut the paper .74
Print page in page mode .74
Clear print data in page mode .75

Chapter 4 Document handling .77
Portrait mode .77
Landscape mode .78
Landscape printing commands .78

Chapter 5 Status information .81
Message from the printer .81
Status byte 1 .82
Status byte 2 .82
Status byte 3 .83
Status byte 4 .83
Status byte 5 .83
Status byte 6 .83
Status byte 7 .83
Status byte 8 .84
Status byte 9 .84
Status byte 10 .85
Status byte 11 .85
Status byte 12 .85
Status byte 13 .86

Chapter 6 Character fonts .87
Thermal printing font .87
Proportional fonts .87
Preparing the fonts .87
Implementing proportional fonts .88
Proportional font conversion utility .90

Chapter 7 Tests and diagnostics .91
Low-paper sensing and calibration .91
Firmware offline tests .91
Summary of offline test menus .93
Changing the interface card or logic card .94
Storing a new serial number in the firmware .95
Earlier methods for offline tests .96
Notices .97
Trademarks .97
Index .99

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More support for: 4610 SureMark Point of Sale Printers

Version: 2CR/2NR

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: R7000389

Modified date: 2010-08-31