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Batch Full System Saves to the Controlling Subsystem Using BRMS

Technote (troubleshooting)


Beginning with V5R3M0, it is possible to submit full restricted state saves to the controlling subsystem using BRMS, STRBKUBRM SUBMIT(*CTLSBS). The save runs in batch mode.

Resolving the problem

Starting at V5R3M0, it is now possible to submit full restricted state saves to the controlling subsystem via BRMS, STRBKUBRM SBMJOB(*CTLSBS) or SBMJOB CMD(SAVSYSBRM) JOBQ(Controlling_sbs)) . The save will run in batch mode. While the save is running, the console will be blank with the cursor in the upper right corner.

To Add a job scheduled entry that will start the backup you can do a WRKCTLGBRM and then select option 6 on the control group you would like to run. Change the SBMJOB(*NO) to SBMJOB(*CTLSBS)


1. It is not possible to answer messages when the system is in batch restricted mode. Volume of media class required for your backup must be available in your tape drive or tape library for backup to run. You will not be able to respond to message such as BRM415A - Media of class (media class) is unavailable at location (media location). In addition, if your saves span multiple volumes, a tape drive with a Automatic Cartridge Loader (ACL - 3581, 3582, 3570, 3590) or a media library (3581, 3582, 3570, 3573, 3577, 3590 in random mode, or a 3494, 3576, 3583, 3584) is required
2. While the save is running, the console will be blank with the cursor in the upper right corner.
3. Change the BRMS system policy (WRKPCYBRM TYPE(*SYS), Option 1) to the following:

Controlling subsystem:
Allow backups in batch . . . . . . . . *YES
Restricted state time limit . . . . . xxxxx

where xxxx is 5 to 9999 minutes. *NOMAX is the default; however, it is recommended that this be changed. This time limit is from the time the system reaches restricted state and not when the job starts.
4. While the system is in batch restricted state, SRCA9003C70 is displayed on the operator panel and the attention light will be on. If the job is still in restricted state when the specified time limit is reached, the batch job is ended and the controlling subsystem is restarted.
5. To cancel a backup, force DST (Option 21 from the operator panel), and select Option 14 - End Restricted State Batch. If using an HMC for a console, refer to the following Rochester Support Center DCF Tech Note:
# N1018885 HMC Version 7: Forcing DST for a Partition on an HMC-Managed System
6. When the STRBKUBRM SBMJOB(*CTLSBS) is used at R530 and above, the controlling subsystem is automatically started by the operating system when the system comes out of batch restricted mode. When the controlling subsystem starts, the default startup program will be called. If needing the system in a restricted mode after the backup, the startup program will have to be changed before running restricted mode batch saves. If a subsystem is not started, no display will be available.
7. The system cannot be in a restricted state when the batch job is submitted. The controlling subsystem cannot be in a END status when running the WRKACTJOB command.

If the system does not reach a restricted state, message BRM1744 is posted in the joblog. However, the console is ended, and the BRMS still does a *SAVSECDTA and *SAVCFG rather than a *SAVSYS and then any other items listed in the control group. When this occurs, the system remains in this state until the system is IPLed or DST is forced.

Backup jobs should not be submitted directly to the QBRM/Q1ACTLSBS JOBQ. Until you specify the special value *CTLSBS on the Submit to batch (SBMJOB) parameter on the STRBKUBRM command once, the JOBQ may not be associated with a subsystem. When you use this special value, BRMS creates the QBRM/Q1ACTLSBS job queue if it does not exists, adds the job queue as a job queue entry in the subsystem description of the controlling subsystem, then submits the backup job directly to this job queue.

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Operating System IBM i 7.1
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Operating System IBM i 7.3

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