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On 4/24/2012, the SDMC was withdrawn from Marketing. SDMC Version 6.730 will be supported until 4/30/2015. Customers that have the SDMC hardware appliance can optionally convert to HMC, if desired.

SDMC Withdrawal Announcements

SDMC withdrawal FAQ

How to convert SDMC to HMC

IBM Redpaper Guide to Hardware Management Console (HMC) Integration describes how to migrate from the Systems Director Management Console (SDMC) 7042-CR6 hardware appliance to the Hardware Management Console (HMC). The Redpaper is available at:


The MES provides a package that includes the SDMC-HMC conversion instructions, HMC recovery media and fixes. Existing SDMC software maintenance agreements entitle the user to HMC support.

Place an order for MES feature code 0962 against the 7042-CR6 that is to be converted. There is no cost for this feature code.

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