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Software Support Handbook

Welcome to IBM Support

IBM Software Support Handbook

We have produced this guide with the following objectives in mind:

  • Introduce you to IBM Software Support
  • Share information on the people that make up our World Wide (WW) IBM Software Support Organization
  • Provide information on the support service offerings currently available from IBM, including definitions of programs, policies, and procedures
  • Help you to effectively utilize the Knowledge Content available on the Web and many new Self Assist tools that are available to you
  • Improve your experience when contacting IBM Software Support for assistance
  • Assist you in getting information on software support for companies that have been recently acquired by IBM and are not fully integrated into the IBM Support Offerings and processes
  • Explain how you can enhance your IBM Software Support with additional services to meet your needs

This guide contains important information on the procedures and practices followed in the service and support of your IBM products. It does not replace the contractual terms and conditions under which you acquired specific IBM Products or Services. Please review it carefully. You may want to bookmark the site so you can refer back as required to the latest information. We are interested in continuing to improve your IBM support experience, and encourage you to provide feedback by clicking the Feedback link in the left navigation bar on any page.

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Handbook in PDF format

The handbook is also available as a PDF-formatted document. The current version is dated November, 2014.

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Besides this Software Support Handbook, there are other IBM Support Handbooks

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