Fix Level Recommendation Tool

Minimum NIM master levels for VIOS clients

If using NIM to backup, install or update a VIOS partition, the NIM master must be greater than or equal to the levels shown below.

VIOS ReleaseVIOS LevelMinimum NIM master level
VIOS 2.2.3VIOS FP27 SP03AIX 6100-09-037100-03-03
 VIOS FP27 SP02AIX 6100-09-027100-03-02
 VIOS FP27 SP01AIX 6100-09-017100-03-01
 VIOS 6100-097100-03
VIOS 2.2.2VIOS FP26 SP03AIX 6100-08-047100-02-04
 VIOS FP26 SP02AIX 6100-08-037100-02-03
 VIOS FP26 SP01AIX 6100-08-027100-02-02
 VIOS FP26AIX 6100-08-017100-02-01
 VIOS 6100-087100-02
VIOS 2.2.1VIOS FP25 SP06AIX 6100-07-097100-01-09
 VIOS FP25 SP05AIX 6100-07-087100-01-07
 VIOS FP25 SP03AIX 6100-07-057100-01-05
 VIOS FP25 SP02AIX 6100-07-047100-01-04
 VIOS FP25 SP01AIX 6100-07-027100-01-02
 VIOS FP25AIX 6100-07-017100-01-01
 VIOS 6100-077100-01
VIOS 2.2.0VIOS FP24 SP03AIX 6100-06-057100-00-03
 VIOS FP24 SP02AIX 6100-06-057100-00-03
 VIOS FP24 SP01AIX 6100-06-037100-00-02
 VIOS FP24AIX 6100-06-017100-00-01
 VIOS 6100-067100-00
VIOS 2.1.3VIOS FP23AIX 6100-05-02
 VIOS 6100-05
VIOS 2.1.2VIOS FP22 SP02AIX 6100-04-03
 VIOS FP22 SP01AIX 6100-04-02
 VIOS 6100-04-02
 VIOS FP22AIX 6100-04-01
 VIOS 6100-04
VIOS 2.1.1VIOS FP21AIX 6100-03-01
 VIOS 6100-03
VIOS 2.1.0VIOS FP20AIX 6100-02-02
 VIOS FP20AIX 6100-02-01
 VIOS FP20AIX 6100-02
VIOS 1.5.2VIOS FP11 SP02AIX 5300-08-08
 VIOS FP11 SP01AIX 5300-08-05
 VIOS FP11AIX 5300-08-01
 VIOS FP11AIX 5300-08

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