FLRT survey

Suggestions for improvement

About this survey

The FLRT team is always looking for ways that we can improve our product and make our customers lives easier. We have included some specific questions, but what we really want to know are your suggestions for improvement.

All questions are optional. That is, instead of requiring you to answer every question, we want you to answer the questions, and make the suggestions, that are the most important to you.

So, please take a minute or two to tell us what you want.

Providing your name and an email address is not required; we will still receive your input. However, a name and email address will allow us to contact you to discuss your comments. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose.

All surveys are sent to Julie Craft - FLRT architect - and the FLRT development team (Ron, Morgan, and Joel).

Survey questions

 3.  What products or functionality would you like to see added to FLRT?
Adapter firmware support
Better scripting capability for automation
More storage products (please specify using "Other" below)
More Cowbell!
WPAR support
Mobile support for browser
Mobile app

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