Fix Level Recommendation Tool

The Fix Level Recommendation Tool (FLRT) provides cross-product compatibility information and fix recommendations for IBM products. Use FLRT to plan upgrades of key components or to verify the current health of a system. Enter your current levels of firmware and software to receive a recommendation. When planning upgrades, enter the levels of firmware or software you want to use, so you can verify levels and compatibility across products before you upgrade. Clear all

The FLRT Live Partition Mobility (LPM) report provides recommendations for LPM operations based on source and target input values. These recommendations may include recommended fixes, including interim fixes, for known LPM issues. These recommendations are based on testing and field experience. The levels provided in the input screen are based on the supported levels for the selected machine type models. To view minimum requirements for Power systems for AIX, Red Hat Linux, and SUSE Linux visit the System Software Maps page.         Clear all