Fix Level Recommendation Tool

The Fix Level Recommendation Tool (FLRT) provides cross-product compatibility information and fix recommendations for IBM products. Use FLRT to plan upgrades of key components or to verify the current health of a system. Enter your current levels of firmware and software to receive a recommendation. When planning upgrades, enter the levels of firmware or software you want to use, so you can verify levels and compatibility across products before you upgrade.
The updated FLRT design will go live May 31, 2017. You can see the new look here.
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Power systems

Products supported by this service include software products that run on AIX, IBM i, Linux on Power, select Linux distributions, Windows, z/OS, and select UNIX distributions.

For Storage recommendations, please visit the FLRT Lite Storage page.

For Storage compatibility matrix information, please visit the System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC).

For software products not listed, please visit the Software Product Compatibility Reports page to obtain detailed compatibility reports based on operating system, software, hypervisors and more.

To determine the model and processor speed on AIX, enter: prtconf To determine the model on IBM i, enter: dsphdwrsc type(*prc)

To find the LoadLeveler level with LoadLeveler, enter: llstat -v

Enter the following to find the PowerHA (HACMP) level. For AIX: lslpp -L

To determine your level of AIX, enter oslevel -s

Enter one of the following to determine the firmware level. For AIX: lsmcode-c, For Linux: lsmcode, or For IBM i: dspfmwsts

To find the operating system level, enter: dspptf

Enter one of the following to find the GPFS level on your system. For AIX: lslpp -L gpfs.base, or For Linux: rpm -qa | grep gpfs

To find the VIOS level on your system, enter: ioslevel

To find the version installed on your system, enter: csmconfig -V and then use lslpp -L csm*

To find the code level on your HMC, enter: lshmc -V

Please select versions for all the products you specified.

You must select at least one product.

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